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Heather’s Kitchen, owned and named after Nutritional Therapist Heather Cuthbert of Nuts about Nutrition, is a healthy cafe designed to provide nourishing food and drinks.
Everything is refined sugar free and dairy free, with lots of gluten free and vegan options too. Wholesome protein rich smoothies, bircher muesli, 3 types of granola, nut butter toasts are all on the breakfast menu. Feel revitalised with their ruby, amber and jade juices, as well as probiotic rich kombucha and their famous oat milk power lattes (turmeric, beetroot and matcha).
A range of teas and coffee (decaf and regular) with dairy or non dairy alternatives are on offer too.
Lovely salads, the most popular being the green bean, butternut and chickpea salad with a green Goddess dressing and a soft poached egg. As well as warming soup and our flavourful savoury toasts with spiralized cucumber.

For those with a sweeter tooth we have a range of mouth watering options, from our cashew nut and date chocolate cake, to our vegan banana bread, tahini biscuits and caramel nutty cups.

Contact number for the cafe: 0113650927
Email Address heatherskitchen1@gmail.com

They are located on Ground Floor, Food Market in the New Wing

  • Ground Floor New Wing
  • 0113650927
  • 7:0am - 6:30pm daily

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