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Ozone is Village Market’s 15,000 sq.ft trampoline park that is great for kids, teens and adults alike.

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As a privileged Bonus Card member, you can look forward to rewards every time you shop at any of Village Market’s outlets. Being the VVIP that you are, your Bonus Card entitles you to exclusive offers, discounts, privileges and thrilling events that are reserved for our most loyal shoppers.


  • Fill a registration form at the Bonus Card Centre next to the Village Market Management office
  • Submit a copy of your ID/Passport
  • Receive your bonus card instantly
  • Or skip the above steps and submit your application form online and visit the Bonus card centre for collection


Every time you shop at Village Market bring your bonus card and receipts (valid for  three    months from date of transaction) to The Bonus Card centre for your account to be credited. Every Ksh. 500 spent earns you a total of 9 points.


Track your points  regularly and take advantage of great offers and opportunities that correspond to the  number  of points  you have acquired. Offers  range  from parking vouchers  to local  and international destinations and the joys of a good life in between.

1. These terms and conditions apply to all registered members of the Bonus Scheme whose registered office is at Market Masters Limited P.O BOX 100– 00621,Village Market, Nairobi and each member agrees to abide by these terms and condition.
2. Bonus Card means the Membership Card issued by Village Market Bonus Card Programme to a member of Bonus Card Reward Programme.
3. Bonus Points are the reward currency earned using the Bonus Card.
4. Bonus Card Rewards are offers which can be redeemed using the Bonus Card.
5. Benefits are the exclusive amenities and services provided to members as a benefit of being a Loyal Bonus Card Member.
6. Reward points will not be exchanged for cash.
7. Redemption is a form of payment using Bonus Card Points a tender to acquire a goods and services defined by the Bonus Card Programme within The Village Market.
8. The Bonus Card is issued by and remains the property of Village Market Management.
9. The Bonus Card programme has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such a time as The Village Market Management decides to terminate the programme. Members will have six months from the date that the Programme termination is announced to redeem accumulated Bonus Points.
10. The Management reserves the right to amend, update or change any aspect pertaining to the Bonus Card Programme at any time in whole or in part with or without advising Members and Partners.
11. Village Market Management is not responsible for Tenant withdrawal from the Programme, or Tenant Award cancellation, which may affect the Reward offered.
12. Village Market Management will endeavor to advise active Members of matters of interest, including notification of changes of the Programme, details of promotions, events and other offers. However, The Bonus Card Programme accepts no liability for requests or correspondence lost or delayed in the postal system or via electronic mail. The Village Market Management is not liable for and reserves the right to correct any pricing or topographical errors, errors of description, or errors regarding participating properties and Tenants.
13. When a Member telephones a Bonus Card representative, for security reasons The Village Market Management may request date of birth and/or any other information to verify caller identity
14. The bonus card representative will only enter into communication with the person authorized to deal with the member’s account. To authorize someone other than the Member a request must be made in writing to Village Market Management, Bonus Card Programme P.O Box 100–00621, The Village Market,Nairobi – Kenya.
15. The sale or barter of any Bonus Points, Reward, Voucher or other card benefits is prohibited.
16. In the case of the Bonus Card being lost, stolen or damaged, or when there is a change of address, the Members must contact the Bonus Card Representative immediately.
17. Any correspondence sent to the Member, either by post or electronic mail is based on the information given to The Village Market Management. Each Member is responsible for notifying the Bonus Card Representatives, in writing, of any address or detail changes.
18. Village Market Management reserves the right to decline to issue or withdraw a Bonus Card at any time if The Village Market’s Management has reasonable opinion that the Member has breached any Terms and conditions. The Bonus Card Must be returned without delay to The Village Market management when requested. Cancellation of Membership may result in the loss of accumulated points credited.
19. Lost or damaged Cards will attract a surcharge of Ksh.500 for replacement.
20. If you have any inquiries or complaints please write to The Bonus Card Programme, P.O. Box 100–00621, Nairobi, Kenya or hand deliver your mail to the management offices, Nairobi or just email us on:

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