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The Golden Stool Kitchen has taken West African cuisine to a new level in Nairobi. A trailblazer that has focused on bringing the best of West Africa to almost 16 countries to the heartlands of East Africa.

We have become the showpiece that has presented the cuisine of the Senegalese Jollof and Yassa to the Nigerian Suya. A connoisseur that has savored the most delicate dishes from the Ghanaian Kitchen of the Jollof’s and Shitos to Nigeria’s Egusi and Pepper Soups.

As the restaurant soars to the levels never seen in the annals of African kitchens, only time would determine the consternations that await this African adventure.

Golden Stool Kitchen has raised the African gourmet experience to a new height. Par excellence.

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  • Ground Floor New Wing
  • +254714118112
  • 10am to 11.30 pm (weekdays, weekends and on public holidays)

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