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BBROOD is a bakery chain, originally from the Netherlands, with a strong focus on high-quality, artisan sourdough bread. All their sourdough breads are handcrafted, traditionally prepared, without use of additional sugars, preservatives or additives. The loaves are baked in a stone-floor oven to provide the crusty, tasty and authentic product the brand is known for. BBROOD bread is made with the greatest attention and care as each product has time to prove and develop its natural flavours and aromas. While enjoying high-quality, healthy bread in its purest form, at BBROOD one can also pick a savoury sandwich or delicious sweet with a coffee, fresh juice or other beverage of choice.

  • Food Court and Ground Floor Old Wing
  • 0799 871 819 / 0799 871 818
  • Monday to Sunday from 9am to 7pm

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