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AFTA EATS is on a mission to elevate the common dessert into a healthier, tastier and all together better experience for all to enjoy. The brand achieves this by using real ingredients in all desserts. The AFTA EATS frozen yogurt range is made from the highest quality natural ingredients, and lovingly developed by expert gelato makers. The outlet also offers a wide range of sugar-free frozen desserts as well as vegan sorbets, for those that prefer dairy-free alternatives. Smoothies at AFTA EATS are kept really simple and made with the best in-season produce. They are enriched with frozen yogurt or a sorbet of your choice, plus 100% natural juice flavor. Nothing else. Visit AFTA EATS for more of these delectable delights that include ice cream, chocolate and coffee.

  • Ground floor new wing & First floor old wing
  • 0746 619 228
  • Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm

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